Major Project Update #4 – Inspiration!

Just a very quick “reading week” update to my initial Major project plan!

To review my initial plan for learning the Michif Language is below:

Now, in my professional life – I would like to be more conversational. More specifically:

  • I would like to speak enough Michif to have a short conversation with our resident Noohkoom when she visits the children can hear a conversation.
  • I would like to be able to instruct my students in full sentences, without pausing to check my lesson plan notes or dictionary app.

I also have a couple of goals for my personal life:

  • I would like to be able to introduce myself in Michif, the language of my grandparents. Something along the lines of “I am, ____, My name is____ I am from,____”. Which sounds simple but I have been working on that for over two years and I still cannot for the life of me recall the order in which to do so as Michif often follows the structure of French sentences.
  • I would like to make the project more fun and personal by going through some items of my grandparents (specifically my grandma’s cookbook) and use my language learning to decipher some of her recipes.

I am happy to report that last week I made some progress finally on one of my personal goals – working on learning how to introduce myself in Michif. This goal was important to me for a few reasons, most specifically so that I could use language to identify myself to Old Ones – but also to use it as my own decolonization in meetings and large gatherings that we as educators have to attend all the time. I met with an Old One (Noohkoom Irma) over zoom this week and we practised a simple introduction. We recorded the session which was helpful but I do not however have permission to share that recording widely – only for my own practice! I am not completely fluent but I did practise and make a recording of my progress to post on my blog to keep myself accountable.

Finally, I have also had some inspiration! In my last blog, I had explained that I was having some difficulty with how to incorporate some key aspects of this course, social media into SHOWING my learning. In a way that feels authentic to me that is. I had explained in that post that although social media almost entirely makes up my how for language learning – it is not necessarily a way in which I am sharing what I have accomplished (outside some tweets of course). But last week’s class in regards to open education reminded me that there is more than one focus for this course. Then – it clicked! I said myself in that blog that I was relying on many different types of open education resources for my own learning journey – so why not create my own – and share that openly?

I looked around and I decided that while I could compile a feedly (new learning from this course) or a wakelet (older discoveries from ECI 832) I didn’t feel either of those platforms allowed me to present context for the content for others learning Michif. I thought about simply creating a PDF that I uploaded to this blog with an open Creative Commons License, but to be honest that idea felt a little boring considering all that I have learned. I decided on creating a webpage – set up like a blog but with menu items for “lessons” and “resources” and a place where I can upload the content that I have created for others to take, use and modify.

Next week I will get to work on making that open source platform a reality!


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