EC&I 831 Summary of Learning

When we met to discuss our learning for EC&I 831, we each felt very strongly that making a full video that covered our key learnings in this course might be difficult. We took very different paths through the same course content, and each explored the implications of Social Media and Open Education on learning, very differently. What we could agree on however is that each of us felt that we had some “Big Ideas” or “Key Takeaways” from the process of engaging in networked learning, and Social Media Based learning projects. Takeaways that could in fact help others who might be looking to independently look into a similar self-guided process of learning a skill, or implementing social media in a new way in their lives or in their profession.

What came of this initial conversation was the idea that perhaps we could share our summaries of our explorations in the course content best through some small – but (hopefully) engaging clips. The idea being if we put these clips out on Social Media of some sort, they could then reach a larger audience, or network – of learners.

A key theme of this course for not just the two of us but also a sentiment echoed in many of our colleague’s blog posts was pushing oneself out of their comfort zone in order to experience the opportunities that social media can afford in education. So why stop when it comes to the Summary of Learning for a class where we all at times had to get a little comfortable in the uncomfortable?

Without further ado please follow the link here and check out our shared Tik Tok Summary of Learning ( scroll all the way to the last post of Dalton with Adele then scroll in a downward motion as Tik Tok makes a feed of our post when scrolling through our profile).

Start with this cutie ^

And please, whatever you do – don’t tell us we are “cringe”. Our little millennial-teacher hearts won’t survive that particular criticism.