Summary of Learning

We made it people!

…and I am still working against my own self interest, even right down to the very last minute.

After input from many of my classmates, including Amy, Curtis, Jasmine and Dean I decided upon challenging myself to create a WeVideo for the first time hoping to really work that “innovative” part of our rubric by exploring the exciting new tools it had to offer. I created an outline (Thanks for the idea Curtis) and I began work on a simple video outlining my key learnings from the course.

I began animating, got lost for almost an entire week in stock pictures and footage, got back on track after some tough (self) love, finished my summary early – aaaaaaand hated it!

Although the key learnings from each debate were important to me, and valuable experiences, I felt as though reducing them to single sentences (after writing thoughtful blogs on each, and reading my classmates thoughtful examinations) just simply didn’t do the learning of this course justice.

Therefore I began again, and opted for a more personal but less impressive option of screen capturing my thoughts on the course over a presentation. I know it’s not exactly innovative, but I felt as though it were easier to simply speak to the content of this course that helped me to grow.

Check out the video below.

I am so grateful to all of my classmates for their contributions to my learning in a course where community is truly curriculum.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Summary of Learning”

  1. Great SOL. I’m kinda in the same camp as you and sometimes push forward with a tech idea and agree that the checks and balances offered by classmates were very much appreciated by me too. I agree as well that much of the success boils down to relationship with the kiddos, parents, and other stakeholders. Being transparent, consistent, and positive goes a long way. Glad you are part of my PLN. Thank you.


  2. Love the reflection and I appreciate the connections that you found with many of the debates. Looking forward to continuing these conversations, as well. Hope you have a great summer.


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